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Toolsvilla deals in a wide range of Machine tools required for Agriculture automation and garden maintenance. Agriculture automation through machineries and tools is highly important in the modern Indian farming. Not just does it increase the final productivity in farming it helps reduce manual effort and labour for the farmers. There are a lot of modern machines that are helping Indian farmers boost soil fertility, reduce pest attack on crops, improve water supply to fields & automating other cultivation process to finally boost their agriculture production. Machines like Cultivator, Brush cutter, Paddy harvester, Paddy cutter, Earth auger, Power weeder, Soil cultivators, Knapsack pesticide sprayers, Mist blowers, battery pesticide sprayers, Petrol power sprayers, Water Pump sets. There are numerous brands which are manufacturing in this segment in various price ranges. In the premium price range segment we have Honda, Hitachi, Makita, OleoMac, Husqvarna, and in the economy segment we have companies like Kisankraft, Agrimate, Xtrapower, Kasei, etc. Toolsvilla is one of the largest online portal in India covering all these brands under one store working with an aim to create agriculture modernization and automation in the country.