5 Businesses to Start this summer in India with Little Investment

5 Business to start this summer in india with low investment

Summer season is really a good time to earn especially in India. One can start a wide range of small-medium businesses & earn up to 2 Lakh Rupees a month. Toolsvilla provides a wide range of machinery & equipment that can help you start a business with very little investment anywhere in India. So here’s a list of top 5 businesses you can start this summer in India with less than 2 Lakh of Capital.  


1. Fruit Juice Business

Fruit Juice Business

Fruit Juice Businesses are high growth & very profitable business to start. You would just need a small setup or cart or a space of approximately 100 square foot area, electrical connection & a Commercial Juicer Machine. If you do not have an electric connection to start with Manual Commercial Fruit Juicer’s are also available. This is one of those businesses that can give immediate returns & does not require huge initial capital & investment. Also, this business is capable of giving up to 2 Lakh Rupees a month of profit if done the right way.


2. Ice-Cream Business

Ice Cream Machine

Nothing beats a chocolate flavoured softy in the scorching May month summer in India. More so if it’s priced much below Kwality walls & Amul cones, therefore you can successfully start an ice-cream business with commercial ice-cream machines to earn good profits every month. Ice Cream Machine comes in 3 flavours & 5 Flavours features & weigh between 80 kgs to 200 kgs. They can be home-delivered at your location after you book this on Toolsvilla


3) Lassi Business

Lassi Business

Lassi or buttermilk is India’s favourite summer drink & therefore it opens up a big business opportunity for many entrepreneurs. Toolsvilla deals in a wide range of commercial Lassi Making Machines that can be used for small & medium scale Lassi Making business. A lassi making business is a highly profitable venture to start within the northern & eastern part of the country while buttermilk is popular in the western & southern part. Lassi is the sweet whereas buttermilk is salty. They are both very healthy when it comes to keeping the body cool & fresh in summers & soothing the digestive system. 


4) Green Fodder Business

Green Fooder Business

In summers it becomes very important to provide green fodder to the cattle & therefore having chaff cutter becomes so important. Green fodder impacts the milk production considerably & therefore it’s a good business opportunity if you have the right tools with you to start this business. With commercial Chaff Cutter or Silage Cutter Machines, highly profitable business can be started. We have a wide range of chaff cutter depending on the production capacity starting from Rs 15640 to up to Rs 85000. We provide home delivery of chaff cutter machines to more than 18000 postal codes in India. 


5) Sugarcane Juice Business

Sugarcane Juice Business

Any normal summer day we all must have seen crowded Sugarcane juice stalls. This is already a very profitable & known business in India. Gone are the days when people used manual sugarcane machines for juice extraction. Now with a wide range of Automatic Commercial Sugarcane Juice Machines available on our website you can start the business with less than Rs 1 Lakh of investment. This business is capable of fetching business owners more than Rs 50,000 a month.