Earth Auger Buying Guide

Earth Auger Buying Guide

Earth Auger Machine


Earth AugerEarth drillsoil driller or post pole auger all refer to a single machine that comes in a lot of variants. The basic function of all the variants though is same and that is to dig a hole in the soil.

Earth augers  are a wonderful discovery & have significantly reduced the manual effort that was required to do the job previously. Quoting this with an example - To dig 100 holes in the soil with diameter 6 inches and depth 3 feet, a single person trying manually will take up to one week whereas if the same person uses earth auger the same work can be completed within 7 hours. This has significantly saved the time and money for a lot of auger users. Earth augers mostly come in petrol engine variants with 2 stroke engine type. 


Before we can suggest you the best machine for your purpose let us ask you a few questions ?


  • - Type of soil which you want to drill ?
  • - The Diameter of the hole of you like to drill ?
  • - Your Budget ? 


Types of Earth Auger Machine

Soil Type being the most important factor in choosing the machine we would like to elaborate more on this point :-

1) Soft Soil -

For soft alluvial soil earth auger with 52 cc engine can easily do the work. This type of soil is found in the Indo-Gangetic plain covering North western parts of Punjab & Haryana upto Uttar Pradesh. In the eastern part of the country Bihar, Odisha & West Bengal have this type of Soil. Such auger machines start from just Rs.13,000 and come with earth drill bits. 


2) Medium hard Soil -

For the medium hard Red & laterite Soil, we recommend you to use a slightly heavier earth auger machine with a slightly heavier engine capacity upto 65cc. Such earth auger will be effortlessly doing the job for you. Also, the wear & tear in the engine would be less. This type of soil is found in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, South-eastern Maharashtra, eastern parts of Madhya Pradesh, parts of Odisha and Chhotanagpur and Bundelkhand- all of them lying on the periphery of Peninsular Plateau. These machines are bit costly and can cost you upto Rs.17,000 with the earth auger bits. 


3) Very Hard Soil -

Drilling harder soils can get tricky & if the engine isn’t much powerful the work becomes difficult. For Hard soil type we recommend heavier engines in the 71cc one man operated type model & the 82cc in the 2 men operated type model. Also, for drilling into hard soil one needs to take a lot of care in choosing the earth drill auger bits as they play a major role in the process. Such soil is normally found across the deccan lava tract which extends over part of Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Such machine are manufactured from major brands like Makita, Hitachi, Kisankraft & the in-house range of auger machines from Toolsvilla.


  • Also, the operators should wear protective gears while using earth augers to prevent any accident or physical damage.