Fogger Machine Buying Guide

 Fooger Machine Buying Guide

Fogging machines are primarily used in India for mosquito treatment. However, some fogging machine like the 2-in-1 thermal fogger can also be used as a mist blower for Agriculture purpose. Various chemicals like CYPHENOTHRIN & PYRETHRIN are mixed with various gasoline agents like butane, propane, diesel to make a perfect combustible mixture for the fogging machine to burn. The machine burns this mixture & creates a dense fog that is used as a mosquito treatment remedies in various areas. Toolsvilla deals in the wide range of thermal fogging machines in various brands like KisankraftAgrimate, Shakti etc. We also have a range of mosquito foggers in different sizes for the different purpose that can be purchased online from the website at wholesale price from anywhere in India. We deliver the product within 5-7 working days Pan-India.

Mini Fogger Machine

Mini thermal fogging machines are used to fog smaller areas which could be any small localities, colonies, garden areas, lawns, schools, hospital areas etc. Small foggers have a fogging capacity of 13 litres per hour with a smaller 2.5 litres of a chemical tank. The machine consumes 500 ml of Butane gas for a 3-hour combustion (fogging) cycle. They weight about 3-5 kgs.

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Commerical Thermal Fogger Machine

On the other hand, large Commercial Thermal Foggers are used generally by pest control companies & government agencies to do fogging in bigger areas like blocks, municipal corporations etc. They have a fogging capacity of 120 litres per hour which is almost 10 times that of the smaller fogging machines. These machines consume an enormous 3 litre per hour of fuel & they weigh almost 8-12 kgs. With German carburettors used in some of the models available they make the start of this machine extremely easy.

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