3 Most Important Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Chaff Cutter or Chara Cutting Machine

Chaff Cutter

chaff cutter machine used for cutting dry grass and straws into small pieces and the final products can be used to feed cows, buffalos, cattle, goats etc.

Chaff cutters have evolved from the basic machines into commercial standard machines, These high-speed chaff cutter for dairy farm operate at very high speed, modern machines for upcoming dairy farmers. These chaff cutter machines make all type of fodder, chaff and cut any farm output into small chaff particles that are enjoyed by cows, buffalos, goats etc.

Now, If anyone have requirements for chaff cutter or chara cutter machine than he should consider the following 

3 most important things before choosing the right chaff cutter or chara cutter machine :

Fodder Type

A) for Green Fodder : In case you need to cut green fodder we would like to suggest you a mini chaff cutter machine that comes with 3 HP single phase electric motor with an output capacity of upto 600kg/hr.

Green Fodder Machine

B) for Soft Straws : This is the most popular model in India considering the popularity of green fodder for cattle feeding. For cutting soft straws which is also known as Bichaali  in some parts of the country a special type of horizontal chaff cutter is used. This also comes with a 3HP single phase motor but the blades are specially designed to cut soft straws which otherwise get stuck in the blades of the normal chaff cutters.

Chaff Cutter for Soft Straws

C) for Special Cattle Feeding : One can also get chaff cutter with pulverisers for special cattle feeding requirements which can both cut the fodder and grind the wheat to pulverise it for the cattle feeding process.

Chaff Cutter cum Pulverisers

Output capacity

A) for Upto 600 Kg/hr : In case you need fodder output of up to 600 kg/hr you can consider mini chaff cutter machines.

Fodder output of upto 600 kg/hr

B) for Upto 1 ton/hr : If the output capacity is needed upto 1 ton per hour we would suggest you a slightly heavier chaff cutter model which can produce fodder upto 1000 kg per hour.

Fodder upto 1000 kg per hour

C) for Heavy Duty Silage Cutting Work one can use Silage cutting machine with 5hp motor which works very smoothly considering the structure of the blades.

Silage Cutting Machine

D) for Tractor Operated : If one needs to operate chaff cutter with a tractor we have tractor operated chaff cutters which comes with a heavy duty structure & robust body.

tractor operated chaff cutter

Motor type

One can use chaff cutting machine with electric motor or petrol-diesel engines. For that before ordering chaff cutter machine please consult with our technical team for similar arrangements as that can require a few customizations in the structure of the machine.

Chaff Cutter Engine & Motor