Generator Buying Guide

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Generators have been used for ages as a power backup source in India. Be it in the industrial segment or domestic household backup power supply is required for various works. Power fluctuations are also a part of some tier-II & tier-III cities and therefore generators have been in demand across the country for several applications. There are varieties of generators from real small ones up to 1KV to huge ones up to 100 MW may be. But in this blog, we will talk about mini generators which are used for both domestic & small scale commercial purpose normally. 

Petrol-Diesel Generator

We refer Mini generators to be the ones up to 10KV output capacities. They come in 5 variants but three of them Petrol GeneratorsKerosene Generators & Diesel Generators are popular in India. There are however biogas generators & LPG generators available too but since they are a little difficult to use, therefore they aren’t hugely popular. Petrol & Kerosene generators which are 3KV in size produce 2500 watt power backup. These generators are very popular for domestic use as they can easily give the backup for 30 tube lights, 10 fans, 1 Television, 1 computer & 1 big home appliance. 

3KVA Generator

In 3KV Generator, we have 2 variants the Gasoline/Kerosene & the Air Cooled Diesel One. Rated output = 3 KV or 3000 Watt , Actual Output = 2.5 KV or 2500 Watt  


Simplifying the calculations to understand the output capacity of a 3 KV Generator:- 


30 Tube lights = (30 * 20 watt) = 600 watts

10 Fans = (10 *80 watt) = 800 watts 

1 TV = 1* 200 watt  = 200 watts

1 Computer = 1*200 watt = 200 watts

1 big home appliance  = 700 watts

Total = 2500 watts

5KVA - 7KVA Diesel Generator

There are bigger power backup options available in the diesel variants for several commercial uses too like the 5KV Diesel & 7KV Diesel Generators. All the diesel generators are air cooled variants only. There are premium models available in the 5 KV capacity which is absolutely sound-less