Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Power Tiller/ Cultivator Or Power Weeder

Power tiller or Cultivator or Power Weeder machines are highly recommended for any type of soil based farming. The application of tillers majorly lies in the soil preparation process for farming. Cultivators, as tillers are also named, are machines used to aerate the soil. It is also used for weeding purpose which means removal of wild grass and plants from the soil which can deplete the soil nutrition for the main plantations. The size of the power tillers can depend on the size of the farm and also the crops that are to be grown.

Power Inter-Cultivator

Things to consider you buy a Power Tiller / Cultivator/ Power Weeder :

1) Engine capacity - If the soil is hard in your farm it would be recommended to use tillers having heavy engines which can start from 5 hp to 9 hp. For farms with soft soil medium sized tiller can be purchased.

Power Inter-Cultivator Engine

2) Cultivation width & Depth - Normally power tillers come in various sizes with different cultivation width & the depth. One tiller can cultivate 16 inch to 22 inch wide land area at once with almost 6 inch deep & other can cover 12-16 inch with 8 inch deep. It all depends on the structure of the blades.

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3) Brands - There are numerous power tiller & cultivator brands but the popular ones in India are from Oleo Mac, Agrimate, Husqvarna, VST, Kisankraft, Honda, etc. 

Premium brands are - Oleo Mac, VST, Honda, Shrachi, Husqvarna the price starts with almost Rs 70,000.

Economy brands - Kisankraft & Other imported ones the price starts with Rs. 25,000.

Power Weeder

4) Engine type - For harder surfaces it's recommended to use Diesel engines or high capacity petrol engines as they bring more power to the tilling process & for softer soils it's recommended to go for the petrol versions of the engine. The petrol engines demand less maintenance & are long lasting.

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