8 Profitable Businesses To Start for Under Rs. 50,000

When you are starting a business, it's a good idea to have a generous budget, but there are successful entrepreneurs who have founded a start-up with less money to their name. So, in this blog you will read about 8 profitable business ideas which you can start for under Rs. 50,000.

Business ideas

Find out how you can start your own business with less investment :

1) Mini Rice Mill Unit

Rice Processing Unit

Rice has always be a staple food for the Indians & hence the need for rice processing units. With the advancement in technology the Rice Mill business has seen the introduction of a lot of novel machineries which are not only smaller in size but also very economical. Such is this Mini Rice mill plant which can do the dehusking of the paddy to rice. This machine can mill upto 200kg of paddy per hour. This machine is also called the Rice Huller & such a business can be very popular if you are near to a rice growing area. The price of the machine is between Rs 30000-40000 & this business can generate a monthly profit of upto Rs 40,000.

2) Chaff Cutter Unit

Kutti Cutting Machine

Chaff cutters or Chara cutters are used to cut agriculture wastes to smaller pieces which becomes the fodder for cattle or chara as it’s called in Hindi. Chaff cutter units are becoming very popular in India owing to the increase in the dairy units & lesser setup costs. Dairy owners need fresh fodder to feed their cattle. Average automatic chaff cutter machines start from Rs. 17,000 and can go up to Rs. 80,000 depending on the output capacity of the machine. Chaff cutter units can earn up to Rs 2 Lakhs every month.

3) Mini Masala Mill

Variety of Masala Species

India is a land of spices & hence Masala grinding or Masala Mill business can be very profitable. The Mini Masala mills can start from Rs 30,000 which can grind upto 150 kgs of Fresh Masala Every hours. The Masala could be Haldi (Turmeric), Black Pepper(Kali mirch), Red chili, pepper, corn grinding, sorghum, soybean, herb, tea leaves & straw grinding, suitable for small poultry farm, home use spice making, feed making, oil plant or medicine factory. One can earn anything between Rs. 30,000 to  Rs 1 Lakhs every month if done properly.

4) Portable Milking Machine

Portable Milking Machine

Milk business in India has always been profitable. However, in the recent times, a lot has changed in terms of machinery for Milking cattle. Automated cow & buffalo milking machine can be used to set up a medium-sized dairy to large dairy units. Portable milking machines start from Rs 34,000 and can go up to Rs 1 Lakhs depending on the capacity. Small dairy owners with 10 cows & buffaloes can go for Single bucket milking machines and can earn up to Rs 30,000 every month.

5) Pest control

Thermal Fogger Machine

Pest control business is a very profitable segment to start. All you would need as a business is a few instruments to repel pests like Mini fogging machines, Thermal foggers, Pesticide sprayers, certain chemicals, etc. Machines can start from only Rs. 7,000 and can go upto 1 Lakh Rupees. The revenues however depend on the location. In urban areas one can easily earn upto Rs. 2 Lakh per month from this business.

6) Landscaping

Lawn Care

Landscaping is a trending business in India. Be it hospitals, IT parks, institutions, etc, everybody needs landscaping services to maintain their lawn & garden. A landscaping company can earn anywhere between Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 Lakh per month depending on the company size. Some basic machines are required for any landscaping job like the Hedge trimmers that keep the hedges in shape, Chainsaws or the chain saw machine that is used to cut down trees if any, Lawn mowers, etc. However one needs to have an in-depth idea of gardening for this business.

7) Popcorn Selling

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn selling can be a really profitable business in India. With the Portable popcorn making machine one can easily make popcorns & sell. One can easily earn between Rs. 30,000 to 1 lakh a month with just one machine.

8) Car Wash Station

Car Washer Store

India is a country with the most number of 2 wheelers and  4 wheelers and car wash business in the next trending business in the Indian business scene.  An average car wash station from a town in India is known to earn on an average of Rs 50000 every month. Whereas in bigger cities the car wash station generate revenues of up to Rs 5 Lakhs. To start a car wash station one need a car wash machine which could be a portable washing machine or an Indian type car wash machine. The machines can be operated with electric motors or with fuel like petrol, kerosene & diesel depending upon the engine. Car wash machines can start from just Rs 8000 and go up to Rs 40,000 depending upon the capacity of the machine.

Just prepare for the business ideas that you liked from the list and start in next few days.