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Women Entrepreneur
Women Entrepreneur: Maskura Bibi!! 

Women are very special in so many different ways, so every day is a women’s day. However, through our journey of Toolsvilla, we have seen many more powerful sides of women who are remarkable women entrepreneurs from rural India. We don’t often see these stories making it to business magazine covers & newspapers but that doesn’t make their stories any less special. The passion for entrepreneurship & growth is as intense & as deep as it is for any real entrepreneur.

Today on women’s day Team Toolsvilla would like to celebrate the success of one of the women entrepreneur whom we met through a missed call on Toolsvilla’s customer support number & she later became one of our customers. 

 Women Entrepreneur

Maskura Bibi is from Bhojerhat Bhangar, South 24 Parganas which is an under-developed district in West Bengal, India. She & her family are into farming & they grow various food crops like Rice, Paddy & potato around the year in their 2-hectare farm area. She got in touch with us because she decided they will mechanise their farming operations & to begin with she wanted to implement Power tiller for soil cultivation process.  She bought a 7 hp Petrol Power tiller through Toolsvilla & opted for smart farming. She is a progressive farmer & farming is the main source of livelihood for her. She runs a family of 5 all by herself. Her dream is to own a larger land of 3 hectares more so that she can grow a larger variety of vegetables like cherry tomatoes, capsicum and sell them directly to the market without any middlemen as middlemen do not give the right price for their produce & she knows she will soon be able to do this as technology progresses. Team Toolsvilla salutes her effort & wishes her all the good luck with her farming business.

We would like to dedicate more such article on women entrepreneur customers of Toolsvilla and would post more such kind of stories. Also, we would like to know from the readers what they things about this type of stories.

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