Why Is Mechanisation The Way Forward For SMBs In India?


In India, there are nearly 300 million Agri SMBs out of which nearly 70% are non-mechanised. That makes the number of non-mechanised Agri-SMBs in India stand at 200 million. These SMBs are dependent on manual labour & in recent years there has been a lot of migration of labour from rural India to urban India.

In the past 5-7 years, there has been a huge shortage of labour in these businesses due to the migration of labour from rural to urban areas. Therefore these businesses are facing the heat & this has started to affect their productivity. Affordable machinery & equipment available on Toolsvilla mitigate the labour shortages; improve quality of life of the farmers & SMBs and helps in increasing their income. Many of our machinery has given businesses an additional source of income & helped them scale. Mechanisation brings automation that makes businesses scalable, smart & profitable.