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Jonaki 16L Backpack Manual cum Battery 2 in 1, 12/8 for Sanitisation



Heavy Duty 16L Backpack Battery Sprayer, Sanitizer Sprayer 12/14



Advance Quality Backpack Battery sprayer, 12/8



High Quality Prithvi Vidyut 12/12 Knapsack Battery Sprayer, 16 Litres


Heavy duty Manual Knapsack 16 Liter Sprayer



Heavy Duty Big Agriculture Mist Blower Attachment for Battery Sprayer


Jonaki 16L Backpack Chemical Battery Sprayer, 12/8 for Sanitisation


Premium Quality Backpack Battery sprayer, 16 Liters 12/12


Jonaki Mist Blower Attachment for Battery Sprayer



High Quality Manual Sprayer with Steel Pump 16Litres


High Quality Agni Vidyut 12/8 Backpack Battery Sprayer, 16 Litres



Heavy Duty Backpack Battery Sprayer, 12/8 Limited Edition


About Garden Sprayers

Garden Sprayers are the devices that are used to spray water or insecticides to your garden plants. You can use it in your kitchen garden, or fruit orchard, or flowering plants. These sprayers will go up about 10 feet. For healthy gardens, maintenance is very important, but where would you find quality garden equipment at affordable prices ? Here, at Toolsvilla! There are many types of Garden Sprayers on the Toolsvilla website -
1. Trigger Sprayer : Trigger sprayers are the most simple sprayers of all. The sprayers consist of a spray-pump handled on a plastic bottle. When the handle is pressed, the liquid is siphoned out of the bottle. Very simple, very affordable. This is suitable if you have a small garden to take care of.
2. The Hose-End Sprayer : A hose-end sprayer is a device attached to the end of a garden hose. It includes a container for the chemical, a sprayer head that can be set to adjust the dilution proportion; and a nozzle to deliver the product to your plant.
3. The Foot Sprayer : If you are eager to save your fruit plantation from insects and pests, getting a foot sprayer will be the perfect option for you! The sprayer has a pump attached with a pedaling system. This sprayer is specially used for tall trees like mango, coconut, lichi. The sprayer ensures high to reach.
4. The Rocker Sprayer : Rocker sprayers work just like foot sprayers, the only difference is that instead of pedaling, the pump is attached to a rocking rod.
Which one did you find the most interesting ? Find the one best suiting for your garden today !