Heavy Duty Front Gear Head For Any Brush Cutter Machine



Heavy Duty 2 Teeth Blade 2mm for Brush Cutter (Pack of 6)



Premium Quality 20Mtrs Round Nylon Rope for Grass Cutter (Pack of 6)



Premium Quality 20Mtrs Square Nylon Rope for Grass Cutter (Pack of 5)



Premium Quality 10Mtrs Square Nylon Rope for Grass Cutter (Pack of 8)



Premium Quality 50Mtrs Square Nylon Rope for Grass Cutter (Pack of 3)



Premium Quality 50Mtrs Round Nylon Rope for Grass Cutter (Pack of 4)



Normal Tap & Go Nylon Trimmer Attachment for Brush Cutter (Pack of 8)



Premium Quality 10Mtrs Round Nylon Rope for Grass Cutter (Pack of 9)



Heavy Duty Tap & Go Nylon Trimmer For Brush Cutter (Pack of 3)



Heavy Duty 3 Teeth Blade For Grass Cutting Machine (Pack of 5)



About Brush Cutter Accessories

Brush Cutter Accessories | Brush Cutter Attachments

Brush cutter, crop cutter or paddy harvester machines are majorly used for cutting of wild grass, bushes, paddy cutting, crop cutting and the clearing of forest areas. These machines can also be used to cut down branches of trees.

Brush Cutter Blades and their Usage:

  • TCT Blade:

These blades are disk-like in structure and are used for chopping off or cutting woods ranging up to 4 inches in diameter.

  • 2 & 3 Teeth Blade:

2 & 3 teeth blades are useful for chopping off the grasses in your garden or fields.

  • Non-TCT Blade:

These are heavy duty blades and are used for cutting crops, paddy and weeds.

Brush Cutter Attachments/Accessories:

Brush cutters also come with different attachments or accessories such as Nylon Trimmer, Paddy Guard, Tiller, Hedge Trimmer, Chainsaw, Water Pump etc.

  • Nylon Trimmer

Nylon Trimmer will help you while trimming the grasses.

  • Paddy Guard:

Paddy Guard comes in 2 parts and it is very easy to assemble. The Paddy Guard holds the crop while cutting is performed by using brush cutters.

  • Tiller/Weeder/Cultivator:

a Tiller/Weeder/Cultivator attachment can help you out for tilling the soil and make it ideal for planting the crops; there have some brush cutters which are come with tiller/weeder/cultivator attachment. There have 2 different types of the tiller - flat tiller and round tiller.

  • Hedge Trimmer:

Trimmers are generally used where the mowers are unable to reach to manage the hedges in the lawn and garden. So you can also get a hedge trimmer attachment in your brush cutter.

  • Chainsaw:

Chainsaws are types of equipment that are used to cut down trees.

  • Water Pump:

Water Pump attachments used to irrigate the farm from canal or water storage. This attachment used in small areas.

Although, you also can get trimmer, pole pruner, hedge trimmer, cultivator attachments all together in a single brush cutter machine. If you have such requirements then you can go with Kasei KZ-4000 MT-Pro-2S With Multi-Attachment.

  • You can also refer to the Brush Cutter Buying Guide from Toolsvilla.