COD Availability


Kisankraft KK-IC-256D Diesel Inter Cultivator, 4.8HP 247cc



Kisankraft KK-IC-410P Petrol Power Weeder 270cc, 9HP



Kisankraft KK-IC-100P Petrol Inter Cultivator



Agricultural KK-IC-400D Diesel Cultivator by Kisankraft, 9HP 406cc


Kisankraft KK-IC-350D Agricultural Diesel Inter Cultivator, 5.5HP 4 Stroke



Kisankraft KK-SRT-910E Agricultural Diesel Inter cultivator



Kisankraft KK IC-407D Diesel Inter Cultivator, 9HP 406cc



Kisankraft KK-IC-250D Diesel Inter Cultivator, 4.8 HP



Kisankraft FB-IC-409D Diesel Cultivator, 9Hp



Kisankraft Petrol Power Weeder KK-IC-225P, 5HP


kisankraft agricultural 4stroke Diesel Inter Cultivator KK-IC-170D



About Cultivator | Tiller | Weeder

CultivatorRotary TillerIntercultivator or Tiller is used to ploughing the farms to make the soil fertile. It is used for secondary tillage. It comes with petrol and diesel engine. It plays an important role in soil preparation for agricultural purpose. Toolsvilla is tied up with a lot of companies that manufacture or import tillers in India like Kisankraft, Agrimate, Xtrapower, Oleo-mac, Honda, Aspee etc. The new age farming in India witnesses an extensive use of such machines to maximize farm outputs and improve crop production.