Powerful Thermal Fogger Sprayer AF 2000N(NT) by Agrimate



Agrimate Thermal Fogger Sprayer AF TS 35A-WHO


Agrimate Thermal Fogger Sprayer AF 2000 NK AUTO


Mini Fogger Machine TF-8605, 2L Chemical tank




Cold Fogger Machine for greenhouse & mosquitoes, 10L



Kisankraft Thermal Fogger Machine KK-TF-8630


Commercial Mosquito Thermal Fog Machine, 15L Capacity



About Fogging Machine

A Fogger is a machine that fogs an insecticide chemical fitted inside it for killing insects and mosquitoes. It helps to get rid of mosquitoes, pests in your locality. It is used in many places i.e schools, hospitals, municipal areas. It comes with mini fogger machine and thermal fogger machine. It helps us to protects diseases like Malaria. Fogger or fogging machine helps prevent Dengue, Chikungunya and other mosquito borne diseases. A wide range of brands like kisankraft, Agrimate, Oleomac, are available for fogging machine.