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About Mist Blower

Mist Blowers are compact devices that are used for large-scale fertilizer spreading in the form of mist. The mist blowers are ‘worn’ by the operator as a backpack. They can be used as a device for mosquito control as well. A mist blower uses a two-cycle gasoline motor. The solution in the tank sucks out into an air stream made by the blower. The mist finally blows through a hose pipe with a nozzle. Droplet size ranges from 51-100 microns. ‘Start’ and ‘stop’ actions are controlled by a trigger outside. Mist Blowers are more advantageous for mosquito control since the high-pressure blowing action lets the insecticide reach into the dense bushes or foliage where mosquitoes hide. Another advantage of Mist Blowers is that they use fewer chemicals than air sprayers. Without a doubt, mist blowers are advantageous to use in agriculture as well - the far-reaching mist droplets of insecticide can kill off pests and worms, and leave you with healthy crops.

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