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Kisankraft KK-MBT-01 Manual Seedling cum Transplanter



MADE IN INDIA Seed Dressing or Seed Treatment Drum, 20Kg



MADE IN INDIA Heavy Duty Motorized Seed Dressing/Treating Drum



Premium Quality Manual Seed Drill Machine, For Agriculture Purposes



Manual Operated Dry Land Weeder with Tine


Kisankraft KK-MSD-SF02 Manual Seeder cum Fertilizer (double barrel)


Heavy Duty Multi Attachment Hand Auger


Made in India Manual Seed Drill Machine with 10 Feet Handle



Manual Draw Hoe with Handle, 12 x 6 Inches (Pack of 5Pcs)


Made in India Manual Seed Drill Machine without Handle



Made in India Heavy Duty Coconut Tree Climber 150 kg



Made in India Manual Hand Operated Seed Drill For Sowing Seed


About Special Farm Tools

Farming is quite a tough job if all of it is done manually. Every fine detail is useful for farmers to ensure a healthy crop output. This segment of Toolsvilla focuses on the most innovative items of farming, like
1. Manual Seed Driller : The all-new manual seed driller helps you sow seeds with accuracy and increase the overall yield, all along being pocket-friendly and super easy to use.
2. Seed Dressing Machine : Seed dressing is the process of treating seeds with anti fungal or antimicrobial chemicals before sowing them. This machine dresses a fair amount of seeds in a very short time, making the final products directly usable.
3. Backpack Fertilizer : Fertilizing the crops is a regular task for any farmer out there. This Backpack sprayer is a light-weight sprayer that will be the perfect companion for all your fertilizer trips on the field. Bonus point: This Backpack fertilizer doesn't require the operator to bend over. Wait...There are more interesting devices here.