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Pressure Cleaning Gun I Type PCG-10 SS


Trolley power sprayer 2 Stroke Petrol Engine KK TPS-60T by Kisankraft



High Quality 20L Knapsack Power sprayer, 26cc, 2-stroke



Heavy Duty HTP Pump Sprayer HTP-50a1, 6.5 hp



Pressure Cleaning Gun T-Type PCG 06B


Heavy Duty HTP Sprayer HTP 120 for 7 to 10hp Engine


About Sprayers

A Sprayer is widely used for agricultural purpose to prevents the crop from pests. It is available in manual, battery and petrol variants. Knapsack sprayer, backpack sprayer, Manual sprayer, Battery sprayers, are available at wholesale rates. It is widely suitable for spraying pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture areas. It helps the crops to grow healthy and free from pests & insects. A wide range of brands are available namely Kunfun, Agrimate, Kisankraft, Oleomac, Makita, Classic and xtrapower, Agni, Prithvi.