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Heavy Duty 16L Backpack Battery Sprayer, Sanitizer Sprayer 12/14



16 Liters Backpack Battery Sprayer, 12/12


High Quality Prithvi Vidyut 12/12 Knapsack Battery Sprayer, 16 Litres


Heavy Duty Big Agriculture Mist Blower Attachment for Battery Sprayer


MADE IN INDIA Heavy Duty 16L Battery Operated Knapsack Sprayer



Premium Quality Backpack Battery sprayer, 16 Liters 12/12


Heavy Duty 16 ltrs Backpack Battery sprayer, 12/8


High Quality Manual Sprayer with Steel Pump 16Litres


Jonaki Mist Blower Attachment for Battery Sprayer



High Quality Agni Vidyut 12/8 Backpack Battery Sprayer, 16 Litres



Heavy Duty Backpack Battery Sprayer, 12/8 Limited Edition


Advance Quality Weed Backpack Manual Sprayer 16L Brass Cylinder


About Agricultural Sprayer

Agricultural Sprayers are devices created and used for spraying liquid pesticide, herbicide or fertilizers to the crops. Though methods of chemical pest control have been used for centuries, they were not always spread by machine; before the 1800s, most pesticides were applied by hand. Sprayers can also be used to spray water for irrigation.  The Agricultural Sprayers section of Toolsvilla is a versatile section to explore.  Different types of sprayers for different agricultural needs fall under this one category. The most commonly used ones are: Manual Sprayers and Machine Sprayers.
1. Manual Sprayers : The farmers who operate on a small area of land and have a low budget can easily opt for the manual sprayer. The manual sprayer is a simple piece of farming equipment. They work through an air pump. The pump compresses air into the tanks and pressurizes the liquid content. Higher the pressure, higher the spray pattern.
2. Machine Sprayers : The farmers who have a larger extent of farmland and have a slightly more budget, can opt for a mechanical sprayer. There are many kinds of machine-operated sprayers, the most common of which are low-pressure, high-pressure and fogger types.