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Other Dairy Equipment
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Portable Water Spray Cooling System Mist SS Ring for Mist Fan


Heavy Duty 26inch Wall Mounted Water Mist Fan with 10L Water Tank



Heavy Duty 24inch Stainless Steel Mist Fan with 85L Water Tank



Heavy Duty Pellet Making Machine, 5HP



Chaff Cutter
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Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter Machine 300 to 900 Kg per hr, without motor



Made in India Chaff Cutter Machine, 150 to 350 kg per hr without Motor



Made in India Chaff Cutter Machine, 500 to 1000 kg per hr without Motor



Made in India Chaff Cutter Machine 500 kg per hr with 3hp Motor



Milking Machine
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Made in India Trolley Type Single Bucket Milking Machine 150 LPM



Made in India 2 in 1 Hand cum Electric Single Bucket Milking Machine



Made in India Single Bucket Electric Milking Machine 20-25 cows per hr



Made in India Commercial Single Bucket Fix Type Milking Machine



About Dairy Equipment

Dairy units in India have followed a very traditional and manual approach for several years in India. However, with some modern machinery available in the market some of the dairy units have started considering automation. Implementation of milking machines and chaff cutters have significantly improved the milk production in the dairy units of the country and made these units highly profitable. For a dairy unit with 20 cattle single bucket milking machines can ease a lot of manual effort. Whereas for a dairy unit with almost 30-40 cattle it’s recommended to have a double bucket milking machine. On the other hand fodder grinder, cum chaff cutter pulverizer has helped dairy owners produce fresh fodder for their cattle so that the milk productivity can be enhanced. There are many brands like Kisankraft, Made in India and many others