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Marble Cutter
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KPT KPTTC4 Marble Cutter 110mm, 1250W, 13800RPM


Made in India Marble Cutter 4inch, 1050W, 12000rpm


Made in India Marble Cutter 4inch, 1050W, 12000rpm with Thall


Agni A1501 Marble Cutter 110mm (4inch), 1050W, 11000RPM


Wood Cutter
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Ingco CS18568 Circular Saw 185mm, 1600W


Ingco BJ9508 Biscuit Jointer 100mm, 950W, 11000RPM


Ingco RS8008 Reciprocating Saw 750W, 3300RPM


Made in India Wood Cutter 6inch, 1800W, 7500rpm


Metal Cutter
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Dongcheng DJF30 Electric Reciprocating Saw 90mm, 590W



Dongcheng DJJ32 Heavy Duty Electric Shear 3.2mm, 620W


Prithvi P406 Marble Cutting Machine 125mm, 1300W


Chop Saw
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Ingco COS35538 Cut off Saw 355mm, 2350W, 3800RPM


Ingco SS852 Heavy Duty Scroll Saw 85W, 1450RPM


Ingco COS35568 Cut Off Saw 355mm, 2400W, 3900RPM


Ingco HTC04600 Tile Cutter 600 x 12mm with 2 Tungsten Carbide blade


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KPT SHAKTI SJS650 Jig Saw Machine 6mm, 650W, 3000RPM


Ingco JS80028 Jig Saw Machine 100mm, 800W


Agni A1524 Professional Jigsaw Machine 65mm, 570W, 3000RPM



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