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Petrol Hedge Trimmer KK-HTP-600 by Kisankraft, 25cc 1HP



Kisankraft Electric Hedge Trimmer, 600 watt, KK-HTE-600



Makita Petrol Hedge Trimmer EH6000W, 500 mm


Stihl HSE-71 Electric Hedge Trimmer, 28 inch


Stihl HSE-81 Electric Hedge Trimmer, 28 inch


Makita Petrol Hedge Trimmer EH5000W, 500 mm


Makita Petrol Hedge Trimmer EH7500W, 750 mm


Stihl HSE-61 Electric Hedge Trimmer, 500 MM/20"


Makita UH5261 Electric Hedge Trimmer, 520 mm


Heavy Duty Petrol Hedge Trimmer, 24inch 2-Stroke


About Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmer, shrub trimmer or brush trimmer is a gardening machine that is used in trimming, cutting or pruning hedges. It makes the lawn look well maintained and enhances the beauty of the place. It plays a vital role in the hedge management of any area. This machine come in electric and petrol variant. A wide range of brands are available for hedge trimmers on Toolsvilla like Kisankraft, Makita, Agrimate, Oleomac, Kasei, etc.