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Brush Cutter Machine
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Heavy Duty Multi Crop Petrol Brush Cutter Machine, 4-Stroke



4 Stroke Brush Cutter GX-35 with Paddy Guard & Paddy Cutting Blade



Stihl KA-120 Paddy Power Weeder 1.8 HP, 30.8cc without Attachment


Stihl FS-250 Petrol Operated Professional Brush Cutter 40.2cc, 2.2hp



Brush Cutter Accessories
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Made in India 26mm, 9Spline Paddy Wheel Attachment for Brush Cutter


Made in India 26mm Round Tiller Attachment 9Spline for Brush Cutter


Made in India 28mm, 9Spline Paddy Wheel Attachment for Brush Cutter


Made in India 28mm Flat Weeder Attachment 9Spline for Brush Cutter


About Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter or Paddy Cutting Machine
Brush cutter or Paddy Cutting Machines are majorly used for cutting of wild grass, bushes, paddy cuttingweed cutting and the clearing of forest areas. These machines can also be used to cut down branches of trees. Brush Cutters come in many variants. This machine makes cleaning up of bushes and wild grass in forest areas, or cutting of paddy or crops easy and effortless.

Easy to Use :
Brush cutters or Paddy Cutting Machines are an easy and convenient option in farming/gardening rather than a shovel, sickle, chopper or axe.
We've come across many incidents where a person using the above-mentioned tools has hurt themselves.
Brush cutters being attached to a rod, shaft or machine is always held at a minimum distance from the body making it much safer for someone using it.
Also, the installations process is extremely easy for someone to understand the way of the method of using it.

Brush Cutter or Paddy Cutting Machine Blades and their Usage :
TCT Blade : These blades are disk-like in structure and are used for chopping off or cutting woods ranging up to 4 inches in diameter.
3 Teeth Blade : 3 teeth blades are useful for chopping off the grasses in your garden or fields.
Non-TCT Blade : These are heavy-duty blades and are used for cutting crops, paddy, and weeds.

Versatile and Durable :
Brush Cutter or Paddy Cutting Machine is a generally durable and reliable machine, as long as they receive proper maintenance.
The blades are made of heavy-duty metals making it last long when maintained properly. In some cases, you can use the same blade for several years.
Also, the brush cutter’s comes with different blades and attachments for the use in the very same machine making it portable and cost-effective. So, a machine which will help one in cuttingweedingtrimming all at the same time.

Convenient :
Because of the design, it helps user to-reach areas where larger machines can’t be used. Most brush cutters have a straight shaft and anti-vibration mechanism to reduce uneasiness/tiredness when used for long intervals.