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About Harvester | Pruner

Paddy Reaper or Paddy Harvester

Paddy harvester or paddy reaper is a machine which can able to harvest crops likes paddy, wheat, corn, gain, ragi mustard, soybeans etc in large areas for commercial purpose. It comes with 4 stroke engine and operated by petrol and diesel. This machine has been added standing type-ridged and forged steel blades which can able to harvest 3-4 lines at a time. Paddy reaper or paddy harvester is able to harvest 1 hectare in 4 hours.

What is Paddy Harvester used for in agriculture?

Paddy harvester is used for harvesting crops such as paddy, wheat, soya beans, ragi mustard, gain, corn in agriculture purpose. The productivity of paddy harvester is up to 1 hectare per 4-5 hours. This machine is normally used in large or commercial areas. This is a one-man operated machine and the fuel consumption is approx 700-750 ml/hr (for a petrol engine) and 600 ml/hr (for a diesel engine).

What is a Pole Pruner used for?

Pole pruner machines are like long chainsaw machine used to cut long branches. They are mainly operated by petrol and manually as well. Pruner can go up to the height of 14 to 20 feet depending on the model and brands. By using pole pruner one can easily reach every branch at any angle in less time, which make this product better then sickle or other manual tools.

What is a Pruning Saw used for?

Pruning saws are mainly used for trees or even tough thick bushes. Pruning saws come in different types and sizes such as pruning limb saw (for too thick branches), curved pruning saw (for branches up to 2 ½ inches or 6.35 cm. in diameter), tree pruning pole saw (for high branches) etc.

What is Palm Harvester used for?

Palm Harvester is mainly used for cleaning shrubs, weeds, undergrowth, small tree branches and undergrowths of palm trees. Palm Harvester is available with 2 stroke engine and fully petrol operated machine.

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