Seller- Support / Existing Seller FAQs

Please share your information with the Category Managers & they will do their best to bring additional products online at the earliest.

With most Suppliers, Toolsvilla follows a credit cycle of 15- 30 days depending on delivery timelines & payment collection. However, be rest assured that every due payment would be remitted timely. In case there's an issue please get in touch with the category managers.

The regularity of orders depends upon a lot of factors. However, we always like to keep our Supply partners busy but in some cases & a few-categories, we don't generate enough volume. It also depends on factors like Price offering & seller-performance that sometimes our software prefers some suppliers more than others. Please get in touch with category managers if you would like to have a discussion here & we will try our best to improve your business.

Returns are something we all have to deal with. They depend on a lot of factors. However, as a company, we try our best to minimise the return percentage but in any case, as a seller partner, we expect your cooperation. We don't charge you for logistics if the return wasn't for the supplier's error.

Please write to us at [email protected] Our seller-support team will reach you at the earliest. We try our best to offer sellers with a fair deal always and if there is a rare unusual situation any time, we take that very seriously.

Please get in touch with the category managers or write to us on [email protected] for further details. We offer highly targeted visibility to brands in the machinery & equipment segment.

For any other questions please write to us on [email protected]