Customer Support FAQs

To make it easier for our customers we have listed a few common questions.

We normally dispatch products between 24-72hrs and it normally takes five to seven days after dispatch to be delivered depending upon your location, In case of any unusual event, our support team would update you with all details.

We normally process Cash-on-delivery orders as is but in some cases (Heavier shipments & Interior locations) we have to take a small amount as a booking charge from our customers to minimise risk on our part. That value is deducted from the final total collectable amount & the entire information shall be provided by our customer support team before the dispatch.

We strive for excellence & pricing is a very sensitive area for us. Please write to us with details on support@toolsvilla.com. Our support team will find the best offer for us.

Most search on the website are keyword oriented & not very intuitive. Due to the limitations in the technology we sometimes cannot offer you the best results. We would, however, want to offer you the best browsing experience on Toolsvilla. You can mail us on info@toolsvilla.com and our team will reach you within 24 hours.

We take this kind of Customer Feedbacks very seriously. Toolsvilla is determined to provide unbiased opinions/suggestions/offerings to customers only on the basis of the need & requirement of the customer. However, if you find us on the wrong side any time please report immediately to support@toolsvilla.com and we will audit the issue at the earliest.

For any other questions please write to us on info@toolsvilla.com