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About Power Sprayer

Power Sprayers are used to spray thick bushes and tall trees by foresters. The use of Power Sprayers is also conventional in agriculture, horticulture, and sericulture. These sprayers are either battery or fuel-operated and can operate at pressures up to 35 bar. A power sprayer consists of
a. Prime Mover (which supplies water to the sprayer),
b. Tank (for storing the chemical solution),
c. Agitator (used for mixing liquids and suspended solids to create a tornado-like vortex in a tank),
d. Air chamber (for leveling out the pressure of the pump),
e. Pressure gauge (for maintaining the high pressure of the spray),
f.  Pressure regulator (for regulating the spray pattern),
g. Strainer (for the removal of dirt and unwanted particles)
h. Nozzles (for pushing the liquid out).
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