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About Generator


Portable Generators generate electricity from a fuel operated engine inside it which could be either Petrol, Kerosene or Diesel Driven. The engine drives an alternator that is onboard to generate electricity. The alternator converts the generated DC to AC to make the generated power usable since all the appliances around us work on AC. Finally, the electricity that is produced can be used from the power outlets where extension plugs can be attached to use the generated power. The main components inside a generator are:- 

  1. Fuel Engine

  2. Alternator (Coverts DC to AC) 

  3. Fuel Tanks (Fuel Storage area) 

  4. Starter 

  5. Power outlet 

Most portable generators now come with switch self-start function & with wheels attached to the frame making the operations & mobility of the machine extremely easy

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Generators are primary power backup source in India. Buy Portable Generator for home, shop & office use. Get Free Home Delivery & COD Option on every purchase. Get brands like Honda, Electron etc. at wholesale price. They come in various capacities 1 Kv, 3 Kv, 5 Kv, 7.5Kv up to 10 Kv. For more details, you can also refer to the Generator Buying Guide from Toolsvilla.